Theme & Topics

Session 1:Smart management for urban water system 
  • Big data (artificial intelligence) and the future of urban water system management
  • Urban water monitoring system based on Internet Of Things
  • Modelling for surface and underground water management
  • Large scale urban water system: operation, management and innovation
Session 2:Healthy water cycle for urban water system
  • Urban water cycle: planning, design and operation
  • Technological innovations for improving water security
  • Sponge city storm water management & risk
  • Sponge city theories and practice
  • Comprehensive management of urban water basin eco-environment
Session 3:Sustainable development of urban water system 
  • Innovative technologies for future urban water
  • Wastewater resource recovery and reuse
  • Emerging contaminants risk and control
  • Environmental ecology and ecotoxicology
  • The International Water
  • Harbin Institute of
  • Chinese Academy of
  • State Key Lab of Urban Water
    Resource & Environment
  • National Engineer Research Center
    of Urban Water Resources